PDC Exchange - A modular Permaculture Design Certificate

Internship Based


  • Your PDC is offered on a modular basis by teachers practicing permaculture at various locations (initially in Australia) who can offer any number of modules, up to a full PDC program.
  • You complete your PDC over time by completing modules at these various teacher locations. Teachers sign off on the modules completed. The modules may be class work, practical experience or a combination of both.
  • You do not “pay” for your PDC course, but do internship work in exchange for food, accommodation AND participation in the course (much like the “WWOOFers” concept, but with an aspect of additional work to cover the completion of modules for your PDC.)
  • Internships can include food & accommodation or only “work-for-kind” (i.e. commute-in, day labour) eg a local student who comes to work on a host property
  • Work exchange is also for the final evaluation, cross-verification and issuing of the certificate. No money involved.



Camping accommodation is provided, suitable for vans or tents.  We can provide tents and bedding if required.  Occasionally cabin accomodation is available.
Weather is a factor and we recommend between September and April to avoid winter.


Work times vary, but the typical working day starts early and includes 8 hours of work with a lunchtime break. Although there are daily tasks that occur 7 days a week, work can be flexible with a desire to make a schedule that works for the farm and an educational opportunity suited to the intern.


Food is provided and based on farm grown and local produce.   We cater for regular, vegetarian and special diets where possible.